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$250 Free Shipping 

$250 Free Shipping 


Then Wine stands out for offering exclusive wines, with a particular focus on Champagne, Bordeaux, and Tuscan wines. These regions, renowned for their winemaking traditions, form the core of our selection. Thanks to our expertise and direct contacts with Official Distributor, We can offer rare and high-quality bottles that are often not available elsewhere.


Professional sommeliers certified located in United States and Italy, are the visionary behind an innovative e-commerce platform for exclusive wines. Our passion for enology and extensive experience have led us to establish an online platform that allows wine enthusiasts from around the world to access a curated selection of fine wines managed & located in FLorida


The logistics management of is centralized in Lakeland, Florida, ensuring efficient and timely delivery service for all orders. This logistics center is equipped to store wines in the best conditions, guaranteeing that each bottle reaches the customer in perfect condition.


The platform is designed to provide not just a sales service, but also expert guidance for buyers.

Our team shares his extensive knowledge through detailed descriptions, pairing suggestions, and fascinating stories about the producers and selected vintages. This personalized and knowledgeable approach ensures that purchasing a bottle of wine becomes an enriching and engaging experience.

Summary is much more than a simple online wine store: it is a project that combines passion, expertise, and a unique purchasing experience, dedicated to all those who wish to explore the world of exclusive wines under the guidance of a top-level sommeliers.

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